It recognises and tracks movement

That means you and your things!.

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Uniquely powerful

We’ve built SeeMove as a technology for everyone.

Maybe you want to feel like you’re in Iron Man or Minority Report, operating a new kind of interface; or perhaps you want to design or develop an idea of your own.

SeeMove is the fastest, most precise and adaptable system of it’s kind and we want to know how you’d like to use it!

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SeeMove can:

  • Recognise poses, gestures and objects
  • See intricate detail from a distance
  • Learn to recognise almost anything
  • Work everywhere: desktop, mobile, etc…
  • Work anywhere with any depth camera
  • Be used for endless applications


SeeMove works as quickly as you do, recognising almost any, pose, gesture or object at ridiculously high speed.


You can train SeeMove to recognise gestures, poses and objects.

These are turned into actions on your device: for example, you can play a video on your laptop, by making a triangle with your hands.

Design your own gestures & assign them to anything you want.


In our demo you can you draw, browse videos, pictures and 3D models, however that’s just the beginning,

SeeMove is a tool to suit your needs…
be it gaming, retail, advertising, health care, education, manufacturing, engineering, design and much more…

or maybe developing your own groundbreaking experiments and applications!


SeeMove works on any platform Mac, PC, Linux, Android, iOS and more…
and with any depth camera anywhere!

Technical Details

Are you interested in getting involved with SeeMove?
We’re building a team and want amazing people to be part of it!
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SeeMove has spawned out of a collaboration between seeper and other key indviduals.

Founded in 1998, seeper is an Arts and Technology studio based in East London and working across the world. We are a diverse group of creatives using technology for artistic: advertising, entertainment, education and live events.

Our recent collaborators and commissioners include:, BBC, Google, Victoria & Albert Museum, Wired, British Film Institute, Punch Drunk Theatricals, Glastonbury Festival, JayZ, Nike, Reebok, Unilever, Sky Sports, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Ford, AMD, Vimeo, Microsoft, Aldeburgh Music, Ogilvy, Sony, Nokia and many other innovative brands and organisations.


Our middleware SDK has been matured over several years, developed by experts from the games & camera vision industries.
Combined with the latest hardware we believe SeeMove is the most advanced gestural, pose and object tracking system available.

SeeMove allows developers to utilise our advanced tracking engine, enabling development of rich interactive bespoke software. Built with everyone in mind, SeeMove can be used with any operating system and nearly any camera. We provide you with the toolkit, you decide how, and what to make.

We will be releasing SeeMove in the near future. The software has been made to allow developers to build intuitive and robust gesture-driven systems. If that sounds up your street, get in touch and you may be among the first developers to use SeeMove.

SeeMove is a startup and is looking for investors to join us on our journey.
We hope you can see the vast potential for the technology itself and its many applications.

Please get in touch so we can share our plans for the future!